Hollywood Starlet Gives Up Her First Class Seat for a Soldier

Beloved and famous Hollywood actress Amy Adams wasn’t looking for people to be focusing on her…she just wanted to do something nice for an American soldier. Thankfully, the people who saw her do something kind that she didn’t have to were sure to let others know.


Adams was flying from Detroit to Los Angeles when she decided to give up her seat and join the hoi polloi in coach, giving the soldier a much deserved first-class flight.

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ESPN reporter Jemele Hill who was also sitting in first class watched the whole thing go down and was the first to report on Adams’ good deed via Twitter.


Adams may have gone back to coach, but she was first class in doing so. She even had fun with the folks sharing the ride in coach.

Amy Adams2

When her flight landed in Los Angeles a reporter from Inside Edition was there to meet her and ask her why she did it. Her answer was short and to the point as she walked away from the camera…

“I didn’t do it for attention for myself. I did it for attention for the troops.”

Thanks for being a class act, Ms. Adams!

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