Hollywood Star Teaching His Toddler Son the Pledge of Allegiance Goes Viral!

There are a lot of reasons to like Chris Pratt. The man is a talented actor and rising Hollywood star, but he somehow seems able to stay humble while treating others (even us lowly normal folk) with respect and kindness.

As one of the actors on the NBC TV Show Parks and Recreation he proved to be a very funny dude, then as the star of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy he showed the world that he had what it took to be a leading man. His latest effort is the upcoming re-launch of the Jurassic Park series, and by all accounts, it will be one of the summer’s early blockbusters.

As part of the media tour for his upcoming movie he’s already made news with his hilariously accurate “pre-apology” for saying or doing whatever offensive thing he is bound to say or do! That kind of humor and that kind of self-awareness is rare these days… especially in Hollyweird.

Chris PrattPratt is also easy to like because of how he handles himself in the “real world.” He’s a happily married man who speaks glowingly of his wife. He’s a proud dad who seems to dote on his son. He’s an American who seems to love being an American (a rare feat for a famous actor). He’s also an outspoken gun-owner and an unabashed Christian who is happy to talk about praying for his family.

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This past week, Pratt did something that is sure to win him even more fans.

For Memorial Day this year, Pratt shared a video on his social media that showed him and his son standing on their front porch facing an American flag. You can hear Pratt reciting the pledge and his son repeating it after him. It’s a wonderful and patriotic moment, and it’s the kind of thing that we just don’t see coming out of Hollywood anymore. The video is so unique that it has gone viral – millions of people have now seen it, and Pratt is earning praise from across the Internet and the nation for both his parenting and his love of country.

Watch and enjoy…


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