Hollywood Star Destroys Bernie Sanders’ Tax and Spend Fairytale!


Rob Lowe has been an integral part of my entertainment life since I was a child. His roles in the iconic films of the 1980’s through his recent roles in some of my favorite TV shows – like the West Wing and Parks and Rec – have been a big part of my “downtime” over the years. One of the things anyone who has paid attention to politics and culture has noticed is that Lowe has moved steadily rightward over the years. Back in the 80’s he campaigned for/with Michael Dukakis, but more recently he has argued against the PC culture and the Democrat obsession with raising taxes and interfering in our lives.

This brings us to the Democrat debate earlier this week, which Lowe was dutifully watching. During a portion of the debate where socialist candidate “Bernie” [score]Bernard Sanders[/score] (I-VT) had become particularly agitated, Lowe tweeted out this gem.

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After receiving a healthy amount of Twitter backlash for his decision to criticize the Democrats’ favorite socialist, Lowe responded to a few commenters who wondered how his character on the West Wing, Sam Seaborn, might have reacted.

It’s nice to see that some in Hollywood have a mind of their own, even if the numbers are still small. The truth is that we conservatives need to win over more of these culturally relevant figures if we want to turn back the liberal culture tide. We’ve been losing the culture war for over two decades, and it’s mostly because we walked away from Hollywood and the entertainment industry. If we want to get back in the game culturally – it all starts in the media.

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