Hollywood Star Ashton Kutcher Blasts Liberal Attacks on Innovative Businesses!

Ashton Kutcher has surprised us on a few occasions with some pretty conservative beliefs on work and the economy. (Here and here) Well, he’s done it again!

This time Kutcher is taking on the corrupt practices of New York City’s political machine. Specifically, Kutcher is attacking the polices and rhetoric of the city’s socialist Mayor Bill De Blasio. In recent days liberals like De Blasio and Hillary Clinton have taken to attacking Sharing Economy businesses like taxi alternatives Uber and Lyft, or hotel alternatives like Airbnb. (See here, here and here for examples.) The problem for these liberals is that these businesses are incredibly popular and have very quickly become vital to our modern economy.

Sadly, the Democrats will continue attacking these useful and productive businesses because the lobbyists in the taxi and hotel industries will continue giving money to their campaigns… and Ashton Kutcher is tired of the cronyism from these liberal hypocrites.

From his Facebook Page:

I am beside my self with the regulation that Mayor DeBlasio is trying to force upon Uber and the citizens of NYC. He clearly has his pockets lined by the cab co’s. He talks about discrimination in NY Dail News Op-Ed but has no idea how hard it is for ethnic people to get a cab. He talks about protecting drivers but has no idea about the people who drive for Uber to subsidize their income. He talks about congestion but doesn’t even recognize that Uber is a fraction of a fraction of the traffic in the city. He talks about data but fails to recognize that he has none. He’s trying to regulate a problem with out providing a single solution other than putting a target on a companies back so he can keep getting political funding from another. This is the kind of corrupt shortsighted politics that is destroying innovation.

And on Twitter he continued his social media assault on De Blasio and New York City.


Go get ‘em, Ashton!

Keep defending prosperity, innovation and American ingenuity. We need more public and popular personas getting involved for freedom and fewer of them advocating for socialism and fascism.

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