Hollywood Star and Fox News Pundit Rips Obama – Reminds Him that Muslims are Crucifying People!


African-American conservative and Fox News pundit Stacey Dash is not happy with President Obama, but she is happy that his time as President will soon draw to a close.

After the President recently visited a terror-connected mosque in Baltimore, Maryland to speak out about how great Islam is and how much Islam has contributed to America, Dash blogged her disgust.

The star of Clueless and occasional Fox News contributor wrote:

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I’m sitting here furious that the President of the United States went to a mosque and apologized for Americans possibly profiling them.

This, in spite of the fact that people who belong to that religion are the ones MURDERING INNOCENT PEOPLE. Anyone who is NOT Muslum.

Here’s the truth: MUSLIMS are crucifying people.

Not Baptists.  Not Episcopalians.

Terrorists are being recruited from mosques, not synagogues or Sunday School at church. 

When the President infers that we are racist against them, he’s just doing what he does best.


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Dash raises an interesting point and one that conservatives have been saying for years now. Why do liberals feel the incessant need to defend, protect and nurture Islam? Even as Islam wreaks havoc around the globe, our President chooses to mock, deride, belittle and attack Christianity? It truly makes no sense.

Liberals argue that Christians are homophobic. Are Christians killing homosexuals? No. Liberals argue that Christians are waging a “war on women”. Are Christians defending spousal abuse, rape, pedophilia and misogyny? No. Liberals argue that Christians are “theocrats” who want to rule by religion. Are Christians imprisoning anyone who speaks against the Bible, Jesus or Christianity in general? No. Liberals argue that Christians are culturally backward, violent and full of “hate”. Are Christians supporting slavery, terrorism, suicide bombings, or political oppression all in the name of their faith? No.

But do you know who is doing all of these things? Muslims all over the world are involved in these practices. In Africa, Asia, Europe and in the Americas, the Islamists are engaged in many heinous activities and still the liberal Western world defends them. It’s insanity.

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