Hollywood Oscar Buzz: Teen-Adult Homosexual “Romance”

The Kevin Spacey allegations make a lot more sense when you learn that this movie is getting Hollywood Oscar buzz.

Why would a movie about an adult man and a seventeen-year-old boy get made, let alone generate Hollywood Oscar buzz? The story is set in Italy where the relationship would be legal. But a “barely legal” relationship commonly demonstrates a fascination with taboo interactions. Given the scandal surrounding Kevin Spacey and the claims of Corey Feldman, you’d think they would be a little bit quieter about their love for this movie.

The Washington Times reports, “Acclaimed film of boy-man love raises hackles in Hollywood.

Hollywood has been rocked for months by reports of sexual misconduct, but evidently there is no bad time to release a major motion picture about a gauzy romance between an adult man and a teenage boy.

The Sony Pictures Classics film “Call Me By Your Name” has been generating Oscar buzz since Monday after picking up three Golden Globe nominations, including one for best motion picture-drama, amid rave reviews.

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The accolades come even though the film’s premise — a relationship between a 17-year-old boy and a 24-year-old man — strikes its detractors as “somewhat creepy” at best and a “pedophile fantasy” at worst.

Defenders of “Call Me By Your Name” are quick to point out that the love affair is consensual and wouldn’t be illegal, given that the drama takes place in Italy, where the age of consent is 16.

Does that make it OK? Not to Gabe Hoffman, co-producer of “An Open Secret,” a 2014 documentary about child sexual abuse in Hollywood.

“We think it’s at least questionable,” said Mr. Hoffman, “and at worst glorifying pedophilia.”

Actor Corey Feldman, who has said for years that he was sexually molested as a young teenager in Hollywood, erupted on Twitter after being told that the movie didn’t include “child grooming.”

“Really? Have U seen it? What’s it about then? How do U justify a grown man starting a relationship w someone’s child?” asked Mr. Feldman.


Read the entire Washington Times story.

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