Hollywood Icon Under Fire for Calling Abortion “Sin” and Saying “Society is based on a Christian Structure”

Hollywood icon Jeremy Irons is a plain spoken and forward fellow; he has no problems saying what is on his mind. A few years ago he got into a spot of trouble when he warned that embracing gay marriage could lead to some pretty disgusting situations (because of tax implications). He eventually walked back the criticism of gay marriage, but not before it caused a firestorm in England and America.

Well, the respected actor seems to have stirred up yet another hornet’s nest with some more recent comments on abortion. Speaking to the UK’s the Guardian, Irons told the paper that he was all for marriage because our society is based on a Christian structure and we need those tenets to keep our culture propped up. He also argued that while he believes abortion should be legal, he also believes that the church is right to call the behavior “sin.” These dueling comments on faith have brought out the long knives from the feminist, liberal left, who obviously hate Christians and anything that even remotely resembles Christianity.

First, here’s what Irons said:

(Beware – there is some liberal use of profanity ahead.)

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“Our society is based on a Christian structure,” he says. “If you take those religious tenets away, then anything goes and it will become terrible – and you usually get into trouble.”

“Adultery might be very nice, but finally it fucks us up. And it fucks up the structure of society. We don’t steal – well, some people do – because it makes life intolerable for everybody. Yes, you can be in love and raise a family wonderfully by not being married, but actually marriage does give us a strength, because it’s quite hard to get out of, and so it makes us fight more to keep it together. If divorce becomes dead easy – which it sort of has – then we don’t have that backup. Because, for everybody, relationships are hard.

Jeremy Irons“Take abortion,” he says. “I believe women should be allowed to make the decision, but I also think the church is right to say it’s a sin. Because sin is actions that harm us. Lying harms us. Abortion harms a woman – it’s a tremendous mental attack, and physical, sometimes. But we seem to get that muddled. In a way, thank God the Catholic church does say we won’t allow it, because otherwise nobody’s saying that it’s a sin.”

Even though Irons supports legal abortion, liberal feminists are calling him out for daring to consider that abortion may have negative implications.

The Abortion Support Network, an organization that funds Irish women’s flights to get abortions out of the pro-life county, castigated Irons for saying abortion is a sin. In a tweet, they said of his Catholic faith, “for someone who should know the pain Irish abortion law has brought, Irons is totally insensitive.”

Feminist blog Jezebel was even less kind. Calling him a “stupid fartbag,” the site criticized him for “preaching about the mental and physical cost of abortion,” believing that acknowledging the brave women who publicly express guilt over their abortions is the serious sin of the debate. The author of the piece on Irons then says “Jeremy, my guy! Do us all a favor and shut your [expletive] cake hole, okay?”

Ah, the happy intolerance of the left, where any dissent is an opportunity to mock, deride, and denigrate your opponents. If they treat the obviously liberal and outspokenly pro-choice Irons this way… imagine how they speak about those of us who use scientific evidence to battle against the horrific genocide that is abortion.

Watch out, Mr. Irons, you may not know this yet, but the quivering mass of liberals do not like it when someone steps out of line philosophically. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of vicious hate mail for the rest of your life. It’s much safer to toe the liberal ideological line and cast aside your common sense, morality or even your scientific evidence.

Those “tolerant” liberals are pernicious little trolls. (I say that as lovingly as possible.)

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