Hobby Lobby Haters Have No Idea What They’re Against

We’ve become used to the inane ramblings of liberals.

Oftentimes, they sound like old drunk men who’ve succumbed to the worst type of dementia… a dementia of the soul.

These liberals hate, not for reason, but for passion.

They have no idea why they hate us, our values and our beliefs – they only know that they do hate them and they hate us.

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We’ve demonstrated that Hillary voters don’t know why they vote for her.

We’ve seen abortion defenders make nonsensical and even evil arguments for their vicious acts.

Now watch as Haters of the Hobby Lobby decision try to tell you why you’re wrong. (Here’s a hint… they have no idea.)

Outside the Supreme Court yesterday, The Daily Signal asked supporters of the HHS mandate exactly what drugs or devices were in dispute.

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