Hoax Hate Demonstrates Black Entitlement

Crime is a black entitlement in the case of filing a false police report for a fake hate crime.

Supposedly, there’s no such thing as black entitlement. Police are stopping and accusing minorities of crimes all the time while letting whites get away with them.

For example, in the video below students “get away with” making a joke about how their rain coats resemble KKK garb. That’s obviously racist to social justice warriors.

The main story in the video above is a black student’s car vandalized with racist graffiti. What white person got charged with that?

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Fox 4 in Kansas City reports, “Manhattan man put racist graffiti on his own car but won’t be charged, police say.

The incident fueled racial tensions at the university and in the community, and the FBI opened a civil rights investigation.

During the investigation, Williams told police he was responsible for the graffiti. But after conversation between police and the county attorney, the department said in a statement on Facebook that “filing criminal charges against Williams for having done so would not be in the best interests of the citizens who comprise the Manhattan community.”

I’m glad Williams is remorseful and has apologized, but what about all the people who just saw him get away with faking a hate crime? Doesn’t law enforcement have a duty to society to discourage that kind of behavior?

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