“Hispanic” Jeb and his Failure to Launch

Jeb Bush is not having a very good week.

Apart from being crowned “king of the GOP” by the establishment and their cronies in the media, Jeb can’t seem to connect with the average Republican voter. Yet, that hasn’t slowed the perception in the media of Jeb being the inevitable GOP candidate. Buzzfeed and Facebook have teamed up to dig into the social media data and have some pretty sad news for Jeb Bush and company.

When people talked about Jeb Bush last week on Facebook, it wasn’t positive and it wasn’t as often as many of the other big contenders for the Republican nomination…

That lack of enthusiasm on Facebook matches up with something that donors and operatives are saying, as the New York Times reported on Saturday night: Bush isn’t inevitable, despite the air of inevitability the proto-campaign projected earlier this year.

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But then things got worse for Jeb.

Along with reporting that Jeb Bush was no longer inevitable, the New York Times also broke a story about Jeb Bush’s problems properly identifying his own ethnic background. Apparently, back in 2009 Jeb decided that he was of Hispanic origin and checked the associated box on a Miami-Dade voter registration card. Anyone who knows anything about the Bush family understands that they are in no way “Hispanic”, though Jeb does speak Spanish fluently and is married to a Hispanic woman.

On Monday the Bush camp tried to play off the voter registration incident as a simple mistake.



I don’t know what happened. The check likely was a mistake, or a joke that he thought no one would ever notice – but it was obviously not malicious. There’s nothing for Jeb to gain by checking the Hispanic box, it’s not as if the government sends us (me actually being a Hispanic) a goody bag when we register to vote. The problem it does create is one of perception. It opens the door for voters to question Jeb’s “authenticity” or even worse, his “aptitude” for the task. “If he can’t even fill out a registration card properly…”


Either way, this past week has not been good for the GOP hopeful.

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