Hillary’s Lying, Insincere, and Disgusting Victory Speech



Hillary Clinton made her typical, insincere, meretricious speech in Nevada after being declared the winner of the caucuses.


If you take her words at face value they seem generous and cozy.  If you read between the words, you hear the music of selfishness and the cacophony of deception.


I will just isolate a few of Hillary’s hypocrisies to embarrass those who might be thinking of voting for her.


She thanks, “Students with too much debt, and small business owners who never go off the clock.”

And why are the students broke and small business owners overworked?


Hillary neglects to state that she was in Obama’s administration for years and did nothing to help either group. Her reference to the clock sounds like something out of Alice in Wonderland with the White Rabbit carrying his pocket watch.


She tells working class people that this is their campaign.  And that “it is a campaign to break down every barrier that holds you back.”  Like Hillary’s getting the most powerful job in the world with amazing fringes will in some way free the middle class from the shackles and the poverty she and Obama created.


Hillary Clinton shrugThen she lies and says, “We’re going to build ladders of opportunity in their place so every American can go as far as your hard work can take you.”  Like the average person is going to wake up in fantasyland and get a bungalow at the White House.


Hillary then thanks the little people who contributed less than a $100.  It’s funny that she thanks the small contributor but doesn’t mention that she accepted millions from anti-female countries into her Clinton Fund. She doesn’t boldly thank Saudi Arabia.


She’s continually shrill, clipped and rude. How can she dare play up to the little people whom she ignores? Did she bark during a speech because she thought the middle class were dogs?


She could care less about us. And why should she? She is not running for mother of the country but for a Commander-in-Chief. I can forgive her that.


Hillary then pretends she cares about people paying more for drugs and blacks paying more for mortgages.  Like she gives a crap.  She doesn’t stick her nose like a dog in the dodo. She sips tea in the White House on rich furniture.


She then complains about a Nevada girl who was scared that her parents would be deported. That’s why we prefer Trump to her; he wants to deport illegal aliens. He believes in borders and the rule of law.


Hillary wants to seem generous while she lets potential jihadists into our country. Is she wearing a suicide vest or is that senior girth?


Then Hillary talks about Flint, Michigan where she rushed to make an impression about toxic water.  If she were sincere she’d probably put poisons in the water herself.  She is Lady Macbeth.


Hillary complains about Wall Street even though she’s part of it. She should be praising Wall Street for supporting her rather than critiquing it.


She wants to protect everyone’s right to vote as if that’s suddenly a problem.  As if the Democrats didn’t rig votes through ACORN for Obama. As if she’s not hoping to usher immigrants in to get extra votes.


Hillary has the nerve to say we must listen to Ferguson as if it’s the cops fault, as if Michael Brown didn’t try to beat the cop up and as if the blame didn’t fall on the black community that burned their own buildings, beat up innocents and mauled an old white man with his own oxygen tank.


She says we need good paying jobs.  How? When? Why? Can it be done with all the government regulations? Society is Darwinian and depends on variety and competition. It can’t be rigged by government like communism. We need free enterprise not enterprising restrictions.


She talks about the Democrat push for clean energy which actually results in less jobs and closing down coal mines. She talks about solar power which is expensive and useless. She doesn’t mention her failure to provide jobs by nixing the XL Pipeline.


Hillary Clinton MoneyShe talks about making it easier for parents to balance work and family.  How Hillary? Do you have a clue?  And how dare you use women to complain about how they don’t earn enough just so that you can get their votes.


Then you talk about racism, which Obama’s administration and you have exacerbated. And your bull about the criminal justice system where you defend the criminals more than victims.  And your pushing for more immigration after the killings at San Bernardino.


You announce that you want people with disabilities to have the same opportunities.  But what if their disabilities forbid that.  Be real.


Hillary then lies again, “I have never believed in dividing America between us and them. We are all in this together, we all have to do our part.”  What a joke.  She and her guru Obama have been the most divisive administration in history.


She repeats the Bernie Sanders mantra of helping students with college loans. And she gives the old left wing bull, “We need the community activist who decides to run for school board.”  The community activist is a nuisance like our old community organizer, Obama.


She says, “I am on my way to Texas, Bill is on his way to Colorado.”  She is actually on her way to South Carolina and she just mentions Bill because she thinks the old pervert will lend some bizarre credibility to her campaign.


We’ve had years of left wing garbage.  Like we had the spread of hippie crap in the sixties.  But I think even some of the liberals are learning that Hillary is yesterday’s fake news and that a new dawn is coming.


I predict that Hillary will be thrown aside and we will get a good conservative president like Trump, Rubio or Cruz. The liberals have seen their day.  They are done.

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