Hillary’s Coughing Fits Return With a VENGEANCE…This is What She Blames it On [VIDEO]

This first video of Hillary Clinton coughing and hacking is hard to watch. At one point, she nearly gags.

At a campaign event in Cleveland, Ohio, the Democratic nominee did not get very into her speech before she was rudely interrupted by a coughing fit. She drank from a glass of water, and she put a lozenge in her mouth. They seemed to calm her cough down a little, leaving her voice quite raspy. During the episode, her running mate Tim Kaine reached in his own pocket and retrieved a cough drop and unwrapped it to give to her, but Hillary had already taken one from someone else.

In an apparent attempt to lighten the mood, she blamed the coughing fit on an allergic reaction to her opponent. “Every time I think about Trump I get allergic,” she said to audience laughter. Her audience had to wait three minutes before she could start talking, and even then, it was very much in a belabored manner. Here it is if you want to watch it:


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That wasn’t the only time that day that she suffered a coughing attack. Later on her plane, she was taking a few questions from the press, and she was noticeably trying to suppress a cough during her answer, with a few unsuccessful throat-clearings along the way:

“He seems to have this bizarre attraction to dictators, including Putin. He won’t tell us where he owes $650 million. There’s a lot of rumors about that. And he has made it clear that he doesn’t particularly care if Putin and the intelligence services attack American institutions,” Clinton said as she trailed off into a coughing attack.

“Can I have some water,” Clinton asked an aide.

This went on for some 20 seconds before FOX News decided to cut coverage.

But if you bring up these vicious coughing fits as a reason to question her health, you’re a conspiracy theorist.

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