Hillary’s Benghazi Lies – Proof Positive She’s Unfit to be President

The brilliant conservative thinker Dinesh D’Souza has produced a brilliant response to the media-crafted storyline about Hillary Clinton’s appearance before the House Committee on Benghazi. Liberals and the media both argue that Hillary’s visit was a success (for her) and that it should final end any speculation about her part in the Benghazi scandal. Sadly, this insane version of events is nothing more than liberal fantasy.

The truth is that Clinton’s testimony unmasked her and now the media is scrambling to cover up her lies.

Three years ago in the aftermath of the attack on Benghazi, the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton-led State Department spun some fairytale fiction about a YouTube video and a spontaneous uprising to explain what happened in Benghazi. Even then conservatives were wary, wondering if the Obama administration was spinning the scandal in an effort to win an election (which was just two short months away). For three years the liberals and the media have both mocked us for believing that the State Department might have lied to us, but Clinton’s testimony last week finally serves to prove that WE WERE RIGHT all along.

The State Department lied. Hillary Clinton lied. Barack Obama lied.

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So what has the media response been? Have they risen in outrage to question why the presumptive Democrat candidate would lie to the American people so blatantly and for so long? Nope. Instead, the media has made the calculated (and long planned) decision to try to cover up Hillary Clinton’s malfeasance.

Thankfully we have Dinesh D’Souza to prove that Clinton and her media are liars. D’Souza has produced a short video that cuts right to the quick of the matter, laying bare Hillary’s lies and proving that the media has stopped caring about the truth and cares only about protecting their liberal masters.

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