Hillary Will Send You to Your Mother: A Tale of Two Undecided Voters

Mohamed Hamada’s book The Trump Revolution is available for FREE here until the election. 
Hillary Will Send You to Your Mother

When we look at Hillary’s campaign financing and the policies she is adopting, you will see a striking contradiction. How come she receives all of this money from rich businessmen while she promises to raise taxes on them and raise minimum wage? Hmm……what is the catch?

Hillary is giving a speech in a park. Her supporters are gathering around her, cheering everything she says. Among them, two people are standing beside each other. It is dark enough you can’t tell if they are men or women. We know only that they are enthusiastic about voting. We will call them Voter One and Voter Two.

Hillary: “I will raise taxes on the wealthy, and the wealthy are financing my campaign.”

Hillary: “I will raise minimum wage that the wealthy are paying their workers, and the wealthy are financing my campaign.”

Voter One: “What the heck is she saying? Did I lose my hearing, or is she insane?”

Voter Two: “You did not lose your hearing. I think she is insane!”

Suddenly, they heard someone behind them saying: “She is not insane.”

They turned around to find a good looking, well dressed, man smiling.

Voter One: “Who are you?”

“I am an expert who has a conscience,” said the man.

They walked with him to a bench in the park far enough away so that no one could hear their conversation.

Voter One: “What is the catch? How come the wealthy are financing her, and she will hurt them with higher taxes and higher minimum wage?”

The Expert: “The minimum wage will hurt them at the beginning, but it will kill the small struggling business.”

Voter Two: “Yes, I know some of them. They hardly feed their families after paying everyone.”

Voter One: “They will go out of business, and the workers will lose their job.”

The Expert: “Precisely….Do you know that small businesses employ the biggest number of people in America?”

Voter Two: “I read about that. It will be a big hit for the workers. They will lose their jobs. How about the big business? How are they going to deal with the high taxes and the higher minimum wage? ”

The Expert: “The big business can take loss for some time – they can downsize if they need. They can replace workers with machines, or they can leave to another country. Small businesses cannot do all of that.”

Voter One: “More workers will be laid off by the big business?”

The Expert:  “Sure, and when all the small businesses die, the market will be all for the big business. They will raise the prices, and collect what they lost and much more.”

Voter Two: “We thought that she cares for the middle class?”

The Expert: “How come she cares for the middle class while she stands for an open border?”

Voter One: “Open border means cheap merchandise is flowing in our market, causing factories to move abroad. And American workers are laid off.”

Voter Two: “Open border means illegal workers are legalized, and they will take jobs that they cannot take while they are illegal. And American workers will lose their jobs.”

The Expert: “You are both right. This is happening for a while and it will continue when she gets in office.”

Voter One: “Yes some of my family lost their jobs and their house and they moved to apartments.”

Voter Two: “And some moved back to their parents.”

The Expert: “And some families are sharing the same house.”

Voter One: “Aah….is that why Obama is saying that the average income of a household increased?”

The Expert: “You got it, for the first time in 130 years, more young adults are living with their parents than with partners. The income of all of them is added. They count the income of everyone who works in the household. This is how to use the numbers to deceive the people.”

Voter Two: “Why would she do this to us?”

The Expert: “Back to the beginning – she is owned by the big business. She does what they want. All that she cares for is to be the first woman president.”

Voter One: “And that’s why they hate Trump.”

The Expert: “Precisely, and they will keep spending so that he would not be elected.”

Voter Two: “She wants to be the first woman president! She wants the women to vote for her so that they and their husbands would lose their jobs and lose their houses?”

Voter One: “I am not voting for this manipulator!”

Voter Two: “I will vote for Trump.”

Voter One: “Me too.”

Mohamed Hamada’s book The Trump Revolution is available for FREE here until the election. 

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