Hillary Tries to Pin Email Scandal on Colin Powell…This is How he Responded

Hillary Clinton’s latest excuse regarding her email scandal is that Colin Powell told her to use a private email account, as he did as Secretary.

Colin Powell was Secretary of State during George W. Bush’s presidency, from 2001 to 2005.

Hillary’s latest excuse was revealed from notes taken during the FBI’s alleged “interview” in July of the Democratic nominee regarding her use of a private email server on which she sent classified information as Secretary of State. These documents pertaining to the interview were handed over to Congress on Tuesday.

Colin Powell responded to Hillary’s accusations against him, in which she blamed her decision to use a private email server on him. In an interview with Page Six, Powell said, “The truth is she was using it (her personal email) for a year before I sent her a memo telling her what I did [during my term as Secretary of State].” He added, “Her people are trying to pin it on me.” Page Six reported:

Journalist Joe Conason reported a conversation between Clinton and Powell took place at a dinner party hosted by Madeleine Albright at her home in Washington in his upcoming book, “Man of the World: The Further Endeavors of Bill Clinton,” according to the Times.

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Conason writes that those present – including Henry Kissinger and Condoleezza Rice were all asked to offer “one salient bit of counsel” to Clinton early in her term as Secretary of State.

“Powell told her to use her own email, as he had done, except for classified communications, which he had sent and received via a State Department computer,” Conason wrote, “Saying that his use of personal email had been transformative for the department,” Powell “thus confirmed a decision she had made months earlier — to keep her personal account and use it for most messages.”

Powell said he did not recall that dinner conversation, but did state he sent Hillary Clinton a memo telling her what he did as Secretary. He did use a private email account for most communications, and mentioned “how it vastly improved communications within the State Department.” But for classified information, he used the State Department’s computers.

In addition, as Page Six noted, he didn’t have a private email server at his house, nor did he use outside contractors as Hillary did. Also, the rules regarding electronic communications were much stricter by the time Hillary came along compared to what they were during George W. Bush’s first term.


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