Hillary: The Devil’s Puppet

The Devil works on his devious plans in the dark. Behind the curtains where the people can’t see. To execute his plans, he needs a face. This time he chose a woman’s face.

The devious plan is to keep the policies of globalization in place. Hillary is the Devil’s chosen one.  The Devil, The Neo-Lords or the elite businessmen, call them what you like. They don’t care about the American workers’ jobs. All they care about is how much more money they can make by giving an American worker’s job to a cheaper Chinese worker. They need politicians to help them achieve this. Who’s better than Hillary to play the role.

But she’s corrupt. Much better, she will listen to them. She will submit to their orders. If she thinks for a moment to oppose them, they will strip her nude, like they did her husband. They buried her scandals to make her run for president. They are ready to dig out the scandals if she does not obey. However, she’ll be nice and submissive. All they need to keep her on track is to threaten her and twist her arm.

Why do you think all of the billionaires, Democrats, and sadly Republicans, are showering her with their millions?

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While our Donald Trump, the people’s Trump, is working for the people to get for them their factories back, their jobs back, there America back. We are around him supporting him. Supporting his campaign with $10, $5 even $3, and it’s our duty. Our storm of little dollar bills is stronger than their dull billions. Remember a storm of small air molecules knocks down huge trees.

 A call for the women:

The attempts to spoil the relations between Trump and the women of America are obvious. His opponents want to see him losing votes – wow, how about making him lose the votes of half the American population.

They did all what they could and they will not stop. They force the words in his mouth and then they make a big story out of it.

Would any woman in America, if she were picked on, accept that her husband would stand silent?

We have seen how Trump is dealing with his wife and daughters. His wife was giving him a hard time on camera in front of everyone and he was smiling and listening like a kid.

In every sad story of job loss, the American Woman has been in the scene more than once. Once for herself when she lost her own job, another time for seeing her husband losing his job and once more for the seeing of her children when they lost their jobs.

Would an American woman vote for Hillary, the supporter and defender of the free trade agreements, when she sees her husband laid off from his job in his forties and fifties?

Would an American woman trust her husband’s friend who is trying to help her husband in getting his job back? Or, would she trust her ambitious girl friend who is ready to step on every one to gain a personal achievement?

Trump is your family friend who is trying to help everyone get his job back. On the other hand, all Hillary is eying is the glory of being the first woman president, even if millions of Americans lose their jobs.

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