Hillary Ready to Fight Democrats

Clinton talks like she already has to fight Democrats to keep her place in the Party.

When Clinton fights Democrats to keep her place in the party, what she’s really fighting for is a position to have something to offer to donors. She may be saying that she won’t run for President again, but the coffers of the Clinton Foundation won’t fill themselves. To get more Saudi and other foreign “donations for charity,” Hillary must stay central to Democratic politics.

The Daily Caller reports, “Defiant Hillary To Dems: ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’

“Well, they don’t have to buy my book, and they can turn off the radio when they hear me talking. I’m not going anywhere,” Clinton said

“I have the experience, I have the insight, I have the scars that I think give me not only the right, but the responsibility to speak out. And 2018 is going to be incredibly momentous. We have a chance I won 24 congressional districts that have a Republican member of Congress sitting in them. And I think that gives us some idea that maybe, if we are really focused we have a chance to pick up seats, maybe take back the House. We’ve got to defend the Democratic senators,” she continued.

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