Hillary Plays the “Woman Card”



Hillary says, “Well if fighting for women’s health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman’s card, then deal me in.”


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(Shame on my being patronizing),

Dealing you in would be slipping you your own marked cards.


You almost ruined healthcare with Hillary care

And then helped Obama destroy himself

And the economy with Obamacare.


Paid family leave is a gift from the customers to the greedy lazy workers

And equal pay is extortion based on gender

Rather than output;

Pay should be neutral not equal.


What about the family leave where the dead in Benghazi left their families while

You slept through the three o’clock phone call?


Hillary, your failed clichés fall on us like time bombs that will blow

Up in our faces.


Besides, Trump was not even talking about your fake accomplishments but your taking the jokers out of the deck and laughing at us as you traded false concessions for votes.


You play the women’s card because you don’t have any chips to back it up.  The deck is blank. Bill is in the pit with the cocktail waitress. And where are you standing up for your rights or those of women?



(Image from the Pigazette.)

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