Hillary Lies, Lies and Lies Again

When an interview with a local news anchor from Denver’s KUSA Channel 9 News began to grow a bit combative as the anchor pressed for clarity on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal… the Democrat candidate for President resorted to stretching the truth, fudging the fact, and finally, just plain lying. Her facial expressions said everything that she was feeling, as a disinterested look quickly turned to disgust before Clinton finally (and obviously) gave up and simply began offering old excuses that have already been proven false.

From America Rising:

KUSA’s BRANDON RITTIMAN: “Okay. I’m not going to ask you a trustworthiness question about the e-mail issue, but I do want to ask a judgment question. You used a small Denver company called Platte River Networks to manage your private server. It appears now that data off of that server got backed up to a cloud server somewhere else without your knowledge or consent. Platte River told me if it knew, and it’s not in the business of asking, but if it knew that you were planning to send State Department-type information through this system, this is not the system that they would have set you up with. You’re the nation’s top diplomat in that role, you’ve gotta know that what you’re sending through communications is valuable to foreign intelligence, why go with this system? Did any part of you think maybe this isn’t a good idea?”

Hillary Clinton at senate hearingCLINTON: “Well, look, I’ve taken responsibility for what I did, and it was a mistake. The State Department allowed it at the time. And I’ve tried to be as transparent as possible. I’ll be appearing before the Congress next week and answering a lot of questions that they may have, although, now it’s clear that this whole effort was set up for political partisan purposes, not to try to get to any useful end. But I’ll be in a position to respond and the American people can listen and watch and draw their own conclusions.”

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RITTIMAN: “Yeah, but to someone who thinks that might have been a foolish move, what would you say about your judgment generally?”

CLINTON: “Well, nothing i sent or received was marked classified at the time. That is an absolute fact. It’s been verified over and over and over again. So i think that we’ll have a chance to explain what that means, if people don’t understand it.”

Where to begin?

Gus Benson of Townhall and HotAir handles a few of these unsavory mistruths.

Her very next assertion is that her unsecure private server arrangement was “allowed.” No, it wasn’t.  Further, at no point has she “tried to be as transparent as possible.”  She kept the existence of her server a secret, resisted turning over emails until caving under pressure and court orders, only handed over the server itself when the FBI came knocking, and withheld relevant emails despite swearing under penalty of perjury that she hadn’t.  This is the antithesis of transparency.  Indeed, even many in the media and some Democrats concede that Occam’s Razor suggests the entire purpose of her server’s existence was to thwart transparency. 

From “no classified material” (false), to “no material that was classified at the time” (false), to “I didn’t send or receive the material personally” (false) to “it wasn’t *marked* classified at the time.” As I explain in the clip, this final distinction is meaningless. Under the law, it was her duty to recognize and protect classified information

Here’s Benson also answering the question about the whole “marked classified” debate.

The basic point here is that Hillary Clinton continues to exemplify all of the very worst characteristics that we have come to expect from our politicians. She is a liar, a manipulator, a schemer; and she does not have a single ounce of respect for the American people, as evidenced by her willingness to lie to us so openly and shamelessly.

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