Hillary is Undeserving



Hillary thinks that she deserves to be President because she is a woman.  Is that a description or a qualification? Aren’t their billions of women?  Do they all deserve to be president?


Maybe Hillary should look to other qualities than physical ones, such as honesty.  Oops, didn’t she lie about the Benghazi video.  And wasn’t she kicked off the Watergate committee for lying?  And didn’t she pretend she had a real marriage and lie that she and Bill were a real couple when he was nailing every young girl in town?


Maybe she should brag about her education.  She wrote her thesis on communist Saul Alinsky.  She failed her law exam in Washington and lost her law license along with Bill and Obama.


Hillary said that she was broke after coming out of the White House when she was making a few hundred thousand dollars a speech.  Was she poor or so rich that she couldn’t count that high?


Hillary seems to think that having a vagina matters more than her intelligence, her experiences and her handling difficult conflicts like her failure to send aid to Christopher Stevens in Benghazi.


She thinks that because she is a woman she has the right to support Planned Parenthood and encourage abortions.  After all, she was once capable of having a baby.  She did have Chelsea.  Why has she turned against her own fertility?


Hillary does not deserve to be President because she is a woman.  Perhaps she does not even deserve to be a woman because of her cavalier acceptance of killing babies and her utter failure in her insincere marriage?


Maybe Hillary has a male, insensitive brain in a bloated woman’s body?

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