Hillary Explaining ‘What Happened’ to Jim Fallon is Pathetic….and Hilarious

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary…..while most of America is eagerly waiting to see the beautiful image of your face behind bars, you are out promoting a book full of lies.

Imagine if every candidate who lost wrote a book? We could have a library just for their salty, tear filled pages.

Clinton came on with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night in an attempt, once again, to explain her book and bash Trump. Shocker.

She hopes to “pull the curtain back” and “invite people in to see what happened from my perspective.” Although we kind of already know the answer there: she’s a lying criminal and she lost.

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Fox News reports:

She spoke about Election Night and how “devastated” she was by her loss — and how she might have felt better if a Republican other than Donald Trump had defeated her.

“I wouldn’t be so worried about my country and the world as I am now when I see what’s going on every single day,” Clinton said.

The former secretary of state and U.S. senator also criticized the Trump administration’s recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.

“If they aren’t the highest priority of your government in responding to such a terrible natural disaster, what are you people spending your time doing, right? Golfing, tweeting, watching cable TV?,” she said.

Clinton continued to talk about the issues, specifically the recent calls by Democrats, and some Republicans, to tighten gun control laws, following the Las Vegas massacre.

She disgustingly added, , “I can’t believe that one whole political party in the greatest country on Earth is totally sold to the gun lobby and will do whatever they are ordered to do, despite the loss of life.”

We aren’t sold to the gun lobby. Many Conservatives just happen to believe in our 2nd amendment rights. Rights that people like Hillary and Soros would like to rip out from underneath us.

Hillary also tweeted out, before the blood had even dried from the massacre, in a call for gun control. President Donal Trump, and even former President Barack Obama, tweeted out his deepest condolences. While Hillary Tweeted this:

Which has been proven false by Politifact. They said, “a suppressor would not have made a difference” because of “the position of the weapons and because of the distance of the shooter from the crowd.”


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