Hillary Emailed Classified Information From Private Server AFTER She Left Office

Hillary Clinton didn’t send out emails containing classified information just while she was the nation’s top diplomat. Even months after she left office, she was sending classified information on her private server.

The New York Post reported on an email that was sent on May 28, 2013 – months after her departure from the State Department on February 1 – in which she discussed the “123 Deal.” The email was sent to other members of the State Department – including Cheryl Mills and Hillary’s aide Huma Abedin – as well as foreign diplomats.

According to the Post, “The ‘123 Deal’ was a 2009 agreement between the United Arab Emirates and the US on materials and technological sharing for nuclear energy production.”

The email was heavily redacted, because it contained classified information. If we want to find out exactly what the email said, we’ll have to wait until twenty years after the email was sent – May 28, 2033 – at which point it will be declassified. I’m guessing by then, it will be a moot point. And Hillary will be in her late 80’s.

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The Post pointed out that it’s believed that Hillary sent out about 2,101 emails containing classified information.

In spite of the Democratic nominee assuring the public repeatedly that she turned over every work-related email in December of 2014 – all 30,000 of them on some 55,000 printed out pages – 30 more work-related emails were discovered from the 15,000 that were pulled from her private server by the FBI. Those 30 may even contain information about Benghazi. An unknown number of emails, but likely at least 30,000, were deleted from Hillary’s private server. She said that she “chose not to keep” them, because they were “personal.”

Even one of Obama’s former top advisors David Axelrod is concerned about Hillary’s email scandal, telling CNN: “This is going to be in the backdrop of this election from now until November.”

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