Hillary Consorts With the Devil

Hillary is standing in a room in front of a big table. She is trembling and shaking. The light is very dim, and I can’t see the faces of the people sitting behind the table. One of them started talking on behalf of the rest. I got the feeling that Satan is present, overseeing the whole meeting.

-The Devil: “Are you sure, Hillary, that you want to do this?”

-Hillary: “Yes, Master. I am sure.”

-The Devil: “Are you sure you can do this?”

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-Hillary: “Yes, Master. I am sure?”

-The Devil: “You know that if you start this job you can’t turn around and quit. We can’t invest our money in you and lose it. We could have chosen another one, do you understand?”

-Hillary: “Yes, Master. I understand.”

-The Devil: “What is your main task?”

-Hillary: “Keep on closing factories, and sending the jobs of the Americans abroad.”

-The Devil: “Is this a good thing for the American people?”

-Hillary: “No, Master, it is not.”

-The Devil: “So, why would you do this?”

-Hillary: “Because it is your command, Master.”

-The Devil: “Good girl.”

-Hillary: “I understand as well….”

-The Devil: “SHUT UP. Did I ask you to speak?”

-Hillary: “No, Master. You did not.”

-The Devil: “You talk when we say so, you move when we say so, and you act when we say so, do you understand?”

-Hillary: “Yes, Master.”

-The Devil: “We might ask you later for more evil acts. What would you do?”

-Hillary: “I will heed the call right away. I am under your command.”

-The devil: “Very good girl. Do you have any questions?”

-Hillary: “What am I going to tell the people about their jobs that they are losing that they will keep losing as factories close and move abroad?”

-The Devil: “Retraining programs. Any comment?”

-Hillary: “There is no way we can find jobs for millions of factory workers in the service industry. Besides, some of them are in their forties, fifties, and sixties.”

-The Devil: “Send them back to school. Make the college education free. More money for us, selling college degrees. What do you think?”

-Hillary: “The country does not need all of these college graduates. They will get their degree, and they are not going to find jobs.”

-The Devil: “It will buy us some time, and it will be your bad judgment anyway. If the people get angry, we’ll replace you. Do you have any problem with that?”

-Hillary: “It’s your command, Master. You will make me president, and you can get me out of the White House when you decide to do so.”

-The Devil: “Good girl. Any questions?”

-Hillary: “Donald Trump…he is working on getting the jobs back to the people. The people love him. What am I going to do?”

-The Devil: “We will take care of him. We will attack him. We will find anything that does not have anything to do with the people’s real problems. Any Comments?”

-Hillary: “Are the people going to accept this?”

-The Devil: “The media is ours. The media will do a perfect cover-up. We showered you with money. Use it.”

-Hillary: “I will, Master.”

-The Devil: “You know what we can do to you if you try defy us at any time, don’t you?”

-Hillary: “I know, Master.”

-The Devil: “You have seen what we did to your husband?

-Hillary: “Yes, Master.”

-The Devil: “This meeting has ended. We will summon you when needed. 

Hillary walks out, and Bill was waiting for her outside.

Bill: “The meeting went fine?”

Hillary: “Yes. Is it not some type of prostitution to do something unethical in return for benefits?”

Bill: “Who said we are not?”

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