Hillary Clinton’s Terrible Accents have Returned!

Way back in 2007 when Hillary Clinton ran for the White House the first time observers noticed something odd happening as she stumped through the South – her accent changed. Hillary went from her normally flat, monotone, robotic WASPy Midwest/Northern accent, to speaking like she’d been born and bred in South Carolina.

You can see it in its horrible fullness here (and there were other simpler examples).

Well, Hillary Clinton is running for President again which means she is traveling through the South again which also means she is faking a southern accent again. She recently made a stop in South Carolina to speak with the state’s Party Chairman, Jaime Harrison, and she once again affected her horrible Southern drawl.

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The Weekly Standard made a supercut of some of the worst moments, ranking the intensity of her accent with cowboy boots (1 = lowest, 5 = strongest).

Ugh. Is it just me or is she actually getting worse at this whole campaigning thing?

Though if we’re honest, Hillary has always been terrible at the whole “accent” thing.

The Washington Free Beacon has even put together Hillary’s worst “greatest” hits of terrible accents…

H/T Liberty Unyielding

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