Hillary Clinton’s Real Political Legacy: She’s a BYSTANDER

Eric Golub of the Tygrrrr Express may have just encapsulated the Hillary Clinton legacy better than any journalist I’ve read on the subject. Comparing Clinton to leaders like Giuliani, Pataki and George W. Bush, Golub reminded his readers that Clinton’s contributions to our nation can be summed up in three words; “She did Nothing.”

Rudy ‪#‎Giuliani, George ‪#‎Pataki & George W. Bush led on 9/11.‪#‎HillaryClinton was a bystander. She did nothing.

Her entire existence is a lie. She was in NY on 9/11. So was my family. Big deal. I was in Los Angeles the day of the 1994 Earthquake. It doesn’t mean I rebuilt the city. Pete Wilson did.

Hillary has zero life accomplishments, so she just makes stuff up.

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Next she will tell us how she cradled MLK in her arms while dodging sniper fire from Sir Edmund Hillary while leading the fight for gay marriage as First Lady of Arkansas.

She is a terrible human being who will exploit any tragedy for personal gain. If she ever had a redeeming quality, she lost it in Benghazi.

This is who Democrats support. They know who she is. They don’t care.

May Hillary rot somewhere. Just not in the Oval Office. Not now. Not ever. America deserves better than this screaming bra burner who represents the very worst of humanity.

Even if we consider her time as a US Senator or as Secretary of State, can any reader name a single accomplishment from Clinton’s tenure in these positions? I doubt it.

Even other liberals have recognized how ineffective she was as a Senator.

Frankly, I’m tired of listening to Senator Clinton portray herself as being in the solutions business — as boasting a nice, fat resume of accomplishments — while mocking Barack Obama for being a rhetorical empty suit…

There is not one single example of any legislation with her name appended to it. In fact, the page devoted to her Senate biography is a mush-mash, a laundry list of good intentions. When she talks about “sponsoring” and “introducing” and “fighting for” legislation that obviously hasn’t passed, that’s a smokescreen for failure. By introducing all that legislation that never makes it out of committee, she’s guilty of what she accuses Senator Obama of: confusing “hoping” with doing…

But an inability to get legislation passed is just the beginning of Senator Clinton’s shallow record. For many of the bills she introduced, she couldn’t even get a cosponsor in her own party!

Hillary Clinton HandsHere’s more on Hillary’s poor performance as Senator from another liberal flagship, the DailyKos.

Hillary Clinton’s leadership over her seven years in the Senate has been marginal, and her effectiveness over her Senate terms has been extremely poor.  In fact, she has a remarkably poor track record at turning her sponsored legislation into law, to the extent that she’s an outlier among her Democratic colleagues.  Of 337 bills that Hillary has introduced, only 2 have become law.  These numbers are always lower than you’d think — it isn’t easy to get a bill passed — but Hillary’s batting average is especially poor.

Things get even worse for Clinton when you consider her time as Secretary of State. Every notable twist or turn from her time in the Obama administration is simply another example of Obama’s trainwreck of a presidency. Hillary’s “Russian Reset” was a failure. Hillary’s “Arab Spring” has devolved into World War III. The “Asia Pivot” that has come to produce the terrible TPP. Benghazi (and the rest of Libya). Yemen. Syria. Iraq. The birth of ISIS. The resurgence of Al Qaeda. The rebirth of the Taliban.

These are Hillary Clinton’s “signature accomplishments” and they tell a damning story of one horrible career.

Even Politico couldn’t find much good to say about Clinton in a fluff piece that was meant to soften all of her failures.

Certainly, even many of her most ardent defenders recognize Hillary Clinton had no signal accomplishment at the State Department to her name, no indelible peace sealed with her handshake, no war averted, no nuclear crisis defused. There are few Eric Schmidts out there still willing to make the case for her as an enormously consequential figure in the history of Foggy Bottom.

I’ll let the American Enterprise Institute’s Danielle Pletka sum up Clinton’s time as Secretary of Sate for you.

“The Washington consensus, is that she was enormously ineffective … [though] no one was quite sure whether she was ineffective because she wanted to avoid controversy or because she wasn’t trusted by the president to do anything.”’

America, we can do much better than Hillary Clinton… but more importantly, we couldn’t do much worse.

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