Hillary Clinton’s Numbers Continue to Tumble in Latest NBC/WSJ Poll!

The news keeps getting worse for Hillary Clinton.

The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll has some very bad news for Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party. The results are in and Hillary Clinton is more unpopular than she has ever been, she’s so unpopular in fact that she’s even begun to lose support from her key demographic – white women.

Mrs. Clinton is losing ground with white women and many other important slices of the electorate, the poll shows, amid a spate of reports about her email practices, speaking fees and foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation…

Only 34% of white women saw her in a positive light, compared to 53% who had a negative impression of her, the poll found.

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But it’s not just white women who don’t like Clinton anymore – her numbers have plummeted with every sub group across America!

That’s not all, there are other very troubling signs for the Clinton team to be worrying about.

Other worrisome trends for Team Clinton:

–In the first quarter of the year, independents were about evenly split in their perception of Mrs. Clinton. By July, many independents had soured on her. Just 27% had a positive image of the former first lady, U.S. senator and secretary of state, compared to 52% who had a negative view.

–Mrs. Clinton still enjoys strong support from African-Americans – a core piece of the Democratic coalition — but less so than in the recent past. In June, by a margin of 81% to 3% African-Americans had a positive view of Mrs. Clinton. In July, the comparable numbers were 66% positive, 15% negative. If African-American voters feel less enthused about Mrs. Clinton, the largely Democratic group may be less inclined to vote, posing problems for the Democratic Party.

The Wall Street Journal even included this nifty graph to show that things are getting worse for Clinton across the board.

But this poll wasn’t just about Hillary Clinton, it has valuable information for the GOP candidates as well.

Specifically, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio should pay very close attention to the data. The poll seems to indicate that Trump has likely reached his high water mark with voters and that Rubio may have a strong case to make for arguing that he is the best GOP candidate for the job in 2016.

Every candidate needs to pay attention to this NBC/WSJ poll, though, because there are many lessons to be learned, particularly about the polarized nature of our current political landscape. The GOP should stop trying to win certain voters by pandering to their vocalized desires; it’s getting us nowhere. The truth is that to win more voters from traditionally Democrat stronghold groups, we are going to have to prove that we can govern better. Otherwise, these voters will never vote (in large enough to matter numbers) for conservatives. They have bought the Democrat talking points hook, line and sinker, and to get them to see the light we’ll actually have to prove that our policies are better.

To that end the GOP should nominate truly conservative candidates who will solidify our base, strengthen the resolve of our grassroots troops, and deliver on their promises of conservative policies. That’s the game plan to win the future — not the current GOP playbook of promise conservative governance but deliver liberal solutions. But does the GOP really care about conservatism and solving America’s problems… or do they only care about power and pleasing lobbyists?

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