Hillary Clinton’s Latest Defense is Still Horrible

The early part of this week Hillary Clinton has been on an apology(ish) binge – apologizing to anyone and everyone who will listen. Sadly, her apologies, even now, are still riddled with lies and obfuscations. I’ll lay them out for you below and you’ll be able to see what I mean first hand.

Here is the literal apology from her interview on ABC News.

That wasn’t too bad. Sure, it came in the middle of a longer interview where she made excuses and tried to wriggle away from responsibility, but she finally said, “That was a mistake. I’m sorry about that. I take responsibility.” If that was where it ended it would have been an adequate apology, but it didn’t end there. Her next comment was, “I’m trying to be as transparent as I possibly can.”

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Lie. Liar. You’re Lying, Hillary.

She hasn’t ever been transparent about anything, especially not through this entire process. She selectively turned over emails, she wiped her server and she’s shifted blame by saying everything she did was cleared through the State Department – when we now know that is patently false.

She’s even shredded her own apology since them.

After the ABC News interview she did an interview with comedian Ellen DeGeneres on the Ellen Show where she apologized that everything was so confusing for everyone! (She didn’t apologize for the scandal just for the confusion it’s created.)

But wait, it gets worse.

On Tuesday night the Clinton team offered up a “new” defense for her scandalous behavior.

Here are the four things you need to know about Hillary Clinton’s email use during her time at the State Department.

  1. Hillary takes responsibility for her decision to use a personal account, and the challenges it has created.
  2. Her use of a private email account was allowed under State Department rules.
  3. Nothing she sent or received was marked classified.
  4. She provided all of her work-related emails to the State Department.


Over at HotAir the brilliant Ed Morrissey explains just how ridiculous these four excuses are.

  1. It wasn’t just a “personal account” — it was a secret server in her house, unsecured, unauthorized, which served to defeat the Federal Records Act and any FOIA demands for her official correspondence until the Benghazi select committee discovered its existence. To this date, she has not evenacknowledged that, let alone accepted responsibility for it.
  2. Personal accounts are allowed under State rules, but not for official business and certainly not exclusively.Hillary fired Ambassador Scott Gration for trying to work around those rules — and for transmitting Sensitive but Unclassified (SBU) data through his private e-mail. Also, the White House made it clear from the start that official business communications had to go through official systems, in part because of the FRA and their commitment to — wait for it — transparency.
  3. None of it was “marked classified” becauseshe and her team didn’t mark it. “Marked classified” is a red herring. The data is classified whether it’s marked or not, and intel on North Korea’s nukes from spy satellites should be pretty obviously classified; even a totally incompetent Secretary of State would know that  In fact, two reviews by the CIA and NGA have confirmed it was Top Secret/Compartmented, as classified as it gets.
  4. Hillary only provided those e-mails after Congress found out about the server, long after she left office. Had the Benghazi select committee never met, they’d still be holed up in Chappaqua or in a commercial server farm in Denver, along with all of the classified material it contained. Furthermore, Hillary only provided those e-mails to the State Department after culling out 31,000 e-mails her team didn’t want seen. In an official system, that archiving decision is not left to the account owner — and that was the point of using a secret server in the first place.


Sadly for Mrs. Clinton, this “new” defense is just more of the same old, same old. She and her surrogates have been saying these things since the scandal broke, and the media (as well as law enforcement) keeps debunking the excuses only to have Team Clinton repeat them again and again.

Everything Hillary Clinton says is a lie. Her apologies are lies and her promise to be more honest is a lie too. The woman is a liar and she’ll always be a liar.

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