Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal is Exploding and this Could Get Very Ugly

Hillary Clinton has been embroiled at the center of an ever-growing scandal for several months now, and there has been more than a couple big scares for the Clinton campaign, but the latest tremors may be the most destructive yet.

While there have been many close calls for the Clinton campaign over the last year, the latest revelations may be the most damning yet. Over the last few days, several major stories have dropped shedding light on Clinton’s crimes as Secretary of State. Each on its own would be embarrassing (as they each prove that Hillary lied at various times and in various ways), but taken altogether they paint a damning portrait of a craven liar and a crass criminal.

The first revelation was that Clinton ordered her subordinates to strip the classified markings from important data and send it through “unsecure” methods. Both commands – first, to strip the markings and then to send the data in an unsecure manner — are both in abject contradiction to federal law.

“One email thread from June 2011 appears to include Clinton telling her top adviser Jake Sullivan to send secure information through insecure means.

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In response to Clinton’s request for a set of since-redacted talking points, Sullivan writes, “They say they’ve had issues sending secure fax. They’re working on it.” Clinton responds “If they can’t, turn into nonpaper [with] no identifying heading and send nonsecure.’

The second piece of interesting news came when an email thread from Clinton proved that she knew full-well using a private email server was against federal regulations. Over the last year, Hillary Clinton has repeatedly told the media that what she did (in using the private email account) was completely routine and hardly inconsistent with regulations. However, her email communications tell us that she was well aware of her misdeeds.

Sullivan forwarded the e-mail on to Clinton several hours later. “Worth a read. This guy is very thoughtful,” he wrote. “Who does he work for now?” Clinton asked. “Us,” Sullivan wrote back.

“Is he in NEA [Near Eastern Affairs] currently? Or was he in Embassy? I was surprised that he used a personal e-mail account if he was at State,” Clinton replied.

hillary-clinton-twitterThe third disclosure that is likely to shock the world was that Hillary Clinton and her team considered a secret plan to instigate a protest among the Palestinian people in an effort to force Israel back to the negotiating table with the Palestinian leadership. Yes, you read that correctly. Hillary Clinton and her staff actually toyed with the idea of instigating and supporting an uprising against one of our closest allies. (Does anyone actually wonder why things have gotten so bad in the Middle East during the Obama administration?)

In a Dec, 18, 2011, email, former U.S. ambassador to Israel Thomas Pickering suggested that Clinton consider a plan to restart then-stalled peace negotiations by kickstarting Palestinian demonstrations against Israel.

Pickering described the effort as a potential “game changer in the region,” recommending that the United States undertake a clandestine campaign to generate unrest. Clinton requested that his email be printed.

But perhaps the most important, worrisome and damning email to be uncovered over the last week comes from Clinton’s close confidant, Sidney Blumenthal. Somehow, Blumenthal, who no longer works in government or has any kind of special clearance, got his hands on explosive intelligence that not even the State Department had access to.

How did Mr. Blumenthal, who had no position in the U.S. government in 2011, and hasn’t since Bill Clinton left the White House 15 years ago, possibly get his hands on such highly classified NSA reporting? Why did he place it an open, non-secure email to Hillary, who after all had plenty of legitimate access, as Secretary of State, to intelligence assessments from all our spy agencies? Moreover, how did the State Department think this was Unclassified and why did it release it to the public?

Again, each of these issues on their own would be embarrassing and perhaps even career-ending, but taken altogether – they should be down-right catastrophic. In fact, the Observer News summarizes the accumulated damage in stark terms.

This release of over 3,000 pages includes 66 “Unclassified” messages that the State Department subsequently determined actually were classified; however, all but one of those 66 were deemed Confidential, the lowest classification level, while one was found to be Secret, bringing the total of Secret messages discovered so far to seven. In all, 1,340 Hillary emails at State have been reassessed as classified.

Yep. 1,340 classified emails recovered so far… even though Hillary Clinton and her cronies keep telling us that nothing that ever crossed her email system was classified.

The fact that this criminal is the best that the Democrat Party can do in their search for a viable candidate for President is perhaps the saddest commentary on our nation’s current political state that I could imagine. Sadly, this isn’t fiction – it’s our reality. The favored candidate from one of the two major parties is a pathological liar and a selfish, power hungry criminal.

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