Hillary Clinton’s Argument for Private Email Server is Literally Unbelievable

NBC’s chief political correspondent, Chuck Todd, appeared on NBC’s Today Show Tuesday morning and made a couple interesting points while discussing the ongoing Hillary Clinton email scandal.

First, Todd notes that the argument that the Clinton campaign has used thus far to fend off criticism for having a private server is actually the worst possible argument they could have offered. Todd brings up a particular email in the recent crop of released emails that shows Clinton’s chief aide Huma Abedin telling Clinton that the State Department IT department didn’t know about her private email account. Todd then uses this example to wonder how in the world it could be MORE convenient to have a private email account when the State Department offers so much more by way of technical support, privacy, security, etc. Basically, the point is this…

There is NO WAY that using her own private email server was more “convenient” than just using the email provided by the State Department.

Todd adds his own bit of commentary at the end, saying that he still believes it is far more likely that Clinton was simply trying to avoid Congressional oversight and Freedom of Information Act requests when she decided to wrongly move all of her electronic correspondence to a private server.

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The second point I wanted to mention from here is at the very beginning of the video when Todd unequivocally states that there is “no smoking gun” and that there is “no evidence” to suggest that she did something “illegal.” He says that the most important word here is that there is no evidence that she “KNOWINGLY passed around classified information in an unclassified setting.”

However, this is just not true and Sean Davis at the Federalist proves it for us.

One of the newly released emails shows a discussion between Hillary Clinton and her close friend and adviser Sidney Blumenthal. Much of the email (from Hillary) was redacted because it contained classified information. The most important thing to note here is that Blumenthal did not have the proper clearance to be read in on classified information! This one email (along with more than 100 emails containing classified info) proves that Hillary Clinton KNOWINGLY passed classified information in an unclassified setting.


Rory Cooper at Mediaite also discovered one email that showed Hillary Clinton directing Special Envoy for Middle East Peace George Mitchell to send classified information to her “personal email” account. Once again, this is indeed a “smoking gun” and grounds for legal action against Hillary Clinton.

The fact that Hillary Clinton has not yet been charged with any crime is a travesty of justice. In recent months good men have fallen from grace for far less and the Obama administration, which so vigorously prosecuted them, should be ashamed of how hypocritically they’ve handled Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.`

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