Hillary Clinton Shocks the Women of the View by Saying a Baby Has No Rights, Even Just Hours before Birth!

Hillary Clinton continues to travel around the country explaining to average Americans that she is the most extreme pro-abortion candidate to ever run for President. On Tuesday, she appeared on the liberal morning TV show the View and expressed just how extreme she was again. When cohost Paula Faris wondered if Clinton’s abortion views meant that a baby, just hours before birth, had no rights at all.

Clinton responded with an emphatic “yes”.

Paula Faris: You said, ‘the unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.’ And my question is at what point does someone have constitutional rights? And are you saying that a child, on its due date, just hours before its delivery still has no constitutional rights?

Hillary Clinton: Under our law, that is the case. I support Roe v. Wade because I think is important statement about the importance of a woman making this most difficult decision with consultation by whom she chooses… and under the law, and certainly under that decision, that is the way we structure it.

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I hope that Americans are paying attention to what is happening in the Democrat Party during this campaign for the presidency. We have two candidates, Hillary Clinton and “Bernie” Bernard Sanders, jockeying for the title of “most extreme” on abortion. Both candidates have spent the last week or so arguing that they are the true abortion defender, and both candidates have articulated views that argue abortion should be available on demand at every moment during a pregnancy — from conception to just before the baby exits the womb.

The questions that the media has been asking may be revealing that even the most ardent liberals are starting to realize just how disgusting the Democrat candidates’ views on abortion really are.

Standing in stark contrast to the evil, murder-supporting Democrats is Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who rightly notes just how extreme the Democrat views on this issue really are.

equality is no abortionTed Cruz: You know, the issue of life has been an issue that has torn this country apart for many, many decades. And my view, I’m pro-life, I believe that we should protect every human life and we should protect every life from the moment of consumption. And I will say, there is more and more consensus we’re seeing on this issue, as we see people coming together to bar extreme practices, things like partial-birth abortion, where we’re saying large consensuses of American people saying this practice is gruesome, it’s barbaric. It is my hope that we see people’s hearts and minds change but this is an issue where it’s going to take time for people’s hearts and minds to change.  That if you’re going to change a major issue of public policy, the way to do so, I believe, is at the ballot box. You know, I have — my whole life I have been a passionate defender of the constitution and I think judicial activism is wrong. One of the worst things about the Supreme Court in 1973 stepping in and seizing this issue is it took it out of control of the people. It said that five unelected judges will decide this issue, rather than 330 million Americans. I believe under our constitution we have a Democratic society, and that if someone wants to pass legislation, limiting or expanding abortion, the way to do that is to convince your fellow citizens to make the case at the ballot box and I think that ultimately is the check for both your views and my views that you’ve got to convince our fellow citizens, but I think all of us should agree that it’s a much better system to have important public policy issues decided by the people at the ballot box rather than five unelected lawyers just imposing their views on everybody else.

Megyn Kelly: So is Roe v. Wade settled law in your view?

Ted Cruz: No. And I think it was — it was a classic example of activism. It was a –

Megyn Kelly: Even if that’s true, though, here we are some 40 years later. What would President Cruz do about it?

Ted Cruz: Well, look, I think there’s a great deal, you can do one of the things you can do for example. And I intend to do is re-impose what are called the Mexico City rules that Ronald Reagan put in place that prohibit federal taxpayer dollars from funding abortions, funding abortions overseas, funding organizations…

On abortion, conservatives are quite literally the party of the people, while Democrats are the extremists.

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