Hillary Clinton says She’s the Most Transparent Person in American History!


I have a video clip to show you that can only be described as the most amazing minute in TV history. It may even be the most amazing moment in history… period.

On Monday morning Hillary Clinton was a guest on NBC’s Today Show where she performed for a town hall that NBC so graciously put together for her (I wonder when they’ll do the same for the other candidates?). During the interview portion of the episode, Clinton delivered the most blatantly untrue statement she has ever uttered (which is crazy, considering the many blatantly untrue things she has said)…

Talking about her ever growing email scandal Clinton said, “I have gone further than anybody that I’m aware of in American history. Now it’s not a long history since we haven’t had emails that long–as long as we’ve had them, I’ve gone longer and farther to be as transparent as possible. Nobody else has done that.”

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She concluded with a little levity by saying that she was “a little embarrassed that the emails are so boring.” No embarrassment needed, Mrs. Clinton, considering how many classified documents have been found in your email server I’m sure the Chinese and the Russians found them very enlightening… though they probably could have done without the pictures of you in your yoga pants.

Just disgusting.

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