Hillary Clinton Promises Supreme Court Picks Would be Anti-Free Speech and Pro-Abortion!

Just in case you needed to remember why it was so important that we nominate and then elect a conservative to the White House in November, Hillary Clinton recently offered a helpful reminder. While campaigning in Wisconsin, a state she seems sure to lose, Clinton promised her supporters that if she’s elected President, she will only nominate judges who will undercut free speech and who will support baby murder. Okay, maybe she didn’t use those words exactly but the sentiment is 100% accurate.

See for yourself:

Mrs. Clinton also said she would impose litmus tests on abortion and campaign finance. Her nominees, she said, would have to prove that they would uphold the Roe v. Wade decision establishing a national right to abortion and would have to show that they would overturn the Citizens United decision that established free speech campaign rights for interest groups.

“I would not appoint someone who didn’t think Roe v. Wade is settled law,” Mrs. Clinton said…

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It’s simply another excellent anecdote providing evidence of Hillary Clinton’s abject extremism on some of the most important issues facing our nation today. Mrs. Clinton often likes to paint herself as a centrist, but in reality her position on these two specific cases is proof positive that she stands on the far-left fascist wing of the American political spectrum.

Today, there is a vibrant left-wing attempt to shut down free speech at every level and Clinton’s comments show that she would continue to wage that anti-1st Amendment battle if she is handed the keys to the White House. Clinton also unmasked herself as an abortion extremist by arguing that her nominees would have to prove that they are defenders of abortion, when she derides Republicans for having a similar (but philosophically opposed) litmus test.

Hillary Clinton is a bomb-throwing liberal extremist who cloaks herself in a mirage of centrism; don’t buy her act. Don’t fall prey to her lies. Conservatives we MUST stop her. We must nominate, support, and elect a conservative in 2016.

Hillary Clinton Opposed to Freedom

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