Hillary Clinton Mocks Bernie Sanders Supporters by Implying that They’re Naïve and Lazy!


“I feel sorry sometimes, for the young people who, you know, believe this — they don’t do their own research. I’m glad that we now can point to reliable, independent analysis that says, no, it’s just not true.” — Hillary Clinton on Bernie Sanders supporters.

I’m not one to defend Hillary Clinton, but I will admit that I’ve often thought these exact same things about all Democrats, not just Bernie’s supporters!

However, I’m sure that many Democrats will not appreciate Hillary’s insinuation that any liberal who is choosing to support Sanders instead of her is simply too lazy to do the work necessary to figure out who they should be supporting. Most of the polling data now shows that a large plurality of Democrat voters consider themselves socialist, which would likely be where Sanders pulls most of his support from, so I’m not sure why Clinton believes her problem is just that voters aren’t aware of the facts. I think it’s far more likely that she simply isn’t aware that the modern Democrat Party would rather support a socialist than a moderate.

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Interestingly enough, those same lazy Sanders supporters were busy working to get their candidate some attention when they took to the CNN building in Los Angeles today to demand more coverage for “Bernie” [score]Bernard Sanders[/score]. CNN isn’t having it though! While dozens may have gathered, CNN largely ignored them and went about other business. #OccupyCNN even started trending on Twitter but to no avail…

Sadly, Bernie’s fans went home unrequited.

But honestly, Bernie’s people have nothing to be upset about. While Hillary Clinton has gotten more than double the coverage of Bernie, that doesn’t begin to come close to the disparity in the GOP race for the nomination. In fact, Bernie has received more coverage than any of the GOP candidates not named Donald Trump! And while Hillary has more than doubled Bernie’s coverage, Trump has had more than SIX TIMES the Coverage of his closest GOP competitor, [score]Ted Cruz[/score].

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 7.32.06 PM

Bernie’s fans have nothing to complain about… however, every Republican voter who’s tired of Donald Trump has an obvious reason to grumble.

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