Hillary Clinton “is the Milli Vanilli of American Politics”!


Oh. Snap!

The very liberal Professor Cornel West was a guest on CNN’s New Day on Monday morning when he dropped what may well be the best soundbite of the 2016 Democrat primary campaign… ever!

“Hillary Clinton is the Milli Vanilli of American politics. She lip-syncs, she gives lip service. But when it comes to policy, who supported the crime bill? Who supported, not just the deregulating of banks, but also pulled the rug from under welfare?”

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Honestly, I think West is pretty much accurate with the heart of his commentary about Hillary Clinton here. (Though he’s way off on the substantive aspects of the political arguments.)

Hillary Clinton is a chameleon. She will be whomever she needs to be to win a few extra votes from whoever happens to be voting.

This is Hillary Clinton – she is a liar at her core, and she will always be looking out for #1… and that is not the African-American community or even America in general… it’s Hillary Clinton.

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