Hillary Clinton Gives Up On Wisconsin, Worries that New York is Slipping Away!

Next Tuesday, voters will go to the polls in Wisconsin and on the Democratic Party side they will vote for either Hillary Clinton or “Bernie” [score]Bernard Sanders[/score]. But based on recent activity, it seems as if Team Clinton is conceding the Badger State and is worried about the state she used to “represent” in the Senate, New York.

Polls show Wisconsin to be a competitive contest. A Marquette University poll from last month showed Sanders and Clinton roughly tied at 44-43 respectively, while an Emerson poll showed Clinton up by 6% (50%-44%).

With only a few days out from the Wisconsin’s primary and a competitive race, Ms. Clinton has moved her campaign to New York, a state where she is supposedly very popular (amongst Democrats) and as of now she has no plans to be  back in Wisconsin before the primary. A strange move–unless of course she considers it a lost cause.

By “getting out of dodge,” as Mark Halperin put it on “With All Due Respect,” Clinton is sending a signal that she doesn’t think she can win Wisconsin. Her campaign never sent husband Bill, who won the state both in 1992 and 1996, to campaign there, nor have they announced any future events before the April 5 primary.

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Instead, Clinton is heading to New York, where she will attempt to hold off possible Sanders in her so-called “home state”…


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