Hillary Clinton CHOKES Again – Blows Double Digit Lead in Nevada!


Hillary Clinton is choking again, both figuratively and literally!

No doubt the Clinton family is experiencing anxiety inducing flashbacks to the 2007 primary season when a young up and coming Senator by the name of Barack Obama was busy knocking Hillary off of her “predestined” throne. But the nightmare is real for Hillary Clinton as Senator “Bernie” [score]Bernard Sanders[/score] (I-VT) continues to climb in all of the polls, drawing closer to Clinton in state after state… even in states where she though she had the voting locked up. States like Nevada, where Clinton has managed to squander a double-digit lead, and is now virtually tied with the insurgent Sanders.

Things are so bad that even Clinton fangirl, Andrea Mitchell, has taken to mocking Hillary’s aptitude for collapsing.

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Andrea Mitchell: A close race in Nevada polling todays showing [Sanders and Clinton] virtually tied, if you believe that. Certainly Hillary Clinton has blown a double-digit lead.

Kristen Welker: Well, that’s absolutely right. You can tell that the Clinton campaign is nervous about that. They have been pouring millions of dollars into television ads in Nevada for the first time actually topping Senator Sanders in TV ads. Secretary Clinton adding events to the calendar in Nevada and of course down playing expectations expectations. Focusing on South Carolina and she to do that has been courting African-American voters.

However, Clinton isn’t just figuratively choking – she’s literally doing it too. Often.

Clinton was giving a speech on Tuesday at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York City when she began coughing like asthmatic in a room full of smoking cat ladies wearing sweaters of asbestos. She gulped down her water, began sucking on a lozenge but still no relief…

Here’s the thing. If this was the first time it happened, okay, fine. It’s understandable. This kind of things happens to everyone from time to time – whether it’s coughing, sneezing or whatever. However, this isn’t the first time that this has recently happened to Mrs. Clinton. In fact, it’s happened two other times in recent months (that we know of). It happened in January during a speech in Iowa and in October while testifying before the Benghazi Committee.

At what point do we (and by we, I mean America) start worrying that the most likely Democrat candidate for President may be a health risk? We probably shouldn’t go around electing half-dead politicians to our nation’s most important office.

Or as Sara Gonzalez at RedState asks:

When does this evolve from a joke to a serious concern about her health? Is there any other candidate who would not have their health status questioned after a history of severe coughing fits in the middle of their speeches?

Perhaps it was all that barking.

This does paint a nice picture of the entire Clinton campaign though, doesn’t it? I mean, the defining element of Hillary Clinton’s career is one of choking – whether in the competition or in reality. It really is a perfect metaphor.

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