Hillary Clinton Celebrates Abortion

Hillary Clinton tweeted this on Tuesday: Reproductive rights are human rights. Women’s freedom to decide whether and when to have children is core to their liberty as human beings. Today, we celebrate the power to decide.

Clinton once said that she thought abortion should be “safe, legal and rare, and by rare, I mean rare.” But that’s not the case anymore because she now believes abortion is a human right. She really is despicable.

FYI Hillary… Human rights begin when human life begins and that’s at conception.


Hillary Clinton is no stranger to promoting abortion and she has been on record for decades supporting unlimited abortions up to birth.

The two-time failed presidential candidate took to Twitter today to promote abortion again. Using the same kind of euphemisms that abortion advocates always use, with vague and disingenuous terms like “reproductive rights” and “freedom to choose,” Hillary Clinton essentially said abortion is a human right.

The abortion activist also went further and claimed that the so-called right to have an abortion, for women, “is core to their liberty as human beings.” Never mind that abortion involves destroying the right to life of a living human being before birth.

Hillary celebrated the “power to decide,” but ignores how unborn babies have no power to decide whether they literally live or die. More

Twitter responds:

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