Hillary Clinton and “Consciousness of Guilt”


An interesting conversation unfolded on MSNBC’s Now with Alex Wagner when three liberals agreed that Hillary Clinton’s email scandal now had legs… and it’s Clinton’s fault.

Her decision to wipe her email servers clean after having them subpoenaed proved “consciousness of guilt” (a legal term that made the act admissible in a court of law). Consciousness of guilt is tantamount to a guilty conscious, but when used in a legal setting can be admitted as evidence of a more nefarious problem.

All of this to say, Hillary Clinton has now backed herself into a corner by creating a very suspicious circumstance for people to wonder about.

“Even the most ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton has to be like, ‘You did what? After you got the notification, then you went and scrubbed the server? What message does that send? Even if it is innocent, which it might not be because we don’t know and we’ll never know.”



Consciousness of Guilt indeed.

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