Hillary Campaign: FYI…if WikiLeaks Releases a Last-Minute ‘Whopper,’ it’s ‘Probably a Fake’

Hillary Clinton’s campaign tweeted out a reminder to the public over the weekend that in case WikiLeaks releases a last-minute “whopper” around election day, that it’s “probably a fake.”

It’s probably a fake. The campaign and Hillary’s supporters in the media have never claimed that any emails or documents released so far by WikiLeaks have been fake as a matter of fact. They’ve either not commented about it, or vaguely questioned their authenticity. They’ve been very careful with how they’ve dealt with WikiLeaks revelations.

They don’t want to come right out with blanket statements that they’re all fabricated. Then they’d have to provide evidence, which of course they don’t have. It’s a lot easier to just not talk about it, and when asked about it, say something like, “We don’t really know how authentic these emails are,” and then segue right into Russian hackers. In other words, “We’re not sure that these emails are authentic, but if they are, it’s Russia’s fault, and Putin is trying to interfere with our electoral process.”

Last week, hacker group Anonymous and self-described “internet freedom fighter” Kim Dotcom had alluded to a last-minute bombshell leak. Apparently, the Hillary Clinton campaign took that information seriously and decided to try to preempt whatever information might be leaked with a disclaimer.

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WikiLeaks responded:

Curiously, the following day WikiLeaks tweeted out that their server had been targeted in a DoS attack. And then for about a half hour, Twitter was down.

One of Hillary Clinton’s advisor’s Neera Tanden went on a Twitter tirade:


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