Hillary Beat Bernie by Cheating….Says She Won in ‘Landslide’

Uh oh, Hillary could be feeling the bern after this statement.

Bernie Sanders, bless his little socialist heart, had the election ripped from his grasps by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. Would he have stood a chance against Donald Trump? Nah. The Trump Train was already steaming forward, full force.

However, Bernie had a good chance of beating Hillary….well, if he had even been given the chance.

Now, with that being said, Hillary is now bragging that she beat Sanders in a “landslide.” I think I speak for everyone when I say, “HUH?!?”

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Although I am not a Sanders supporter, I do know an injustice when I see one and I feel obligated to speak up for him. Partly because I see how dirty he was done, and partly because I seriously just can’t stand Hillary Clinton.

The Hill reports:

During an interview with NPR on Tuesday, Clinton was asked about her response to those who say she ran in 2016 as a candidate who believed it was her turn to be president.

Clinton arrogantly said, “Well, I just totally reject that. As you probably would have expected me to say,” she continued, “I find this criticism from Sanders supporters to be so off base. He’s not even a Democrat.”

Clinton clarified her comments were not meant to be a “slam” on Sanders.

“I’ve been working on behalf of Democrats, to be elected, to be reelected, for decades. And so yes, I was familiar to broad parts of the electorate, and I’m proud of that,” she said during the interview.

“And I did well across the country. I won by 4 million votes. That’s a landslide. I won, really, by March and April.”

But even after that point, Clinton said, Sanders kept going and launching attacks against her.

“He and his followers’ attacks on me kept getting more and more personal, despite him asking me not to attack him personally,” she said.

“And, you know, I really regret that. But now he’s got a chance to prove that he’s something other than a spoiler. And that is to help other Democrats. And I don’t know if he will or not, but I’m hoping he will.”

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