Hillary Abruptly Ended Press Questions When a Reporter Brought THIS Up [VIDEO]

Over the past week or so, Hillary Clinton’s support has been shrinking, and Donald Trump’s has been going up. Hillary’s health concerns as well as her email and Clinton Foundation scandals – which have fed Americans’ overall perception of her not being trustworthy – have taken a toll on her support.

A recent CNN/ORC poll has Trump up by two points in a four-way race, 47-45, with Johnson and Stein garnering 7 percent and 2 percent respectively.

When Hillary had a pseudo-mini-press conference on her plane, she abruptly concluded the questioning when someone made the mistake of bringing up that poll.

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Another poll – while it showed Hillary beating Trump by a few points – indicated that the Democratic nominee is losing support from Independents:

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton slid among Independent voters in a new national poll published Tuesday.

Clinton has 30.9 percent support of Independent voters, down from 35.6 percent in a new poll by Red Oak Strategic. Republican nominee Donald Trump’s support among Independents grew from 24.4 percent to 26.4 percent in the most recent poll.

Overall, Clinton led the poll, at 34.1 percent to Trump’s 31.6 percent. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson earned 9.4 percent, but a fourth of likely voters reported they hadn’t yet made up their minds about the presidential race.

Trump’s support has been going up ever since he traveled to Baton Rouge in the aftermath of the tragic flood there, and especially since he met with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, an event that many described as “presidential” and the best day of his entire campaign.

He also recently visited a black church in Detroit where he was welcomed with a standing ovation. SurveyUSA’s poll had Trump beating Hillary, 45-40, and 25 percent of blacks giving their support to the Republican nominee. In addition, the same poll found that he received 31 percent support from Hispanics.


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