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June 7th is the big Kahuna for the Democratic Party, the California Primary, 475 delegates will be awarded. Hillary Clinton only needs to win 82 of those delegates to wrap up the nomination. And if California doesn’t do it, chances are between New Jersey which awarding 126 delegates on June 7th, and California on the same day, Hillary Clinton will pass the magic Democratic number of 2,382 next Tuesday.

Before we pivot to the general election it might be fun to look back at the Democratic Party primary campaign, the below is a really quick review of the race. As they say pictures are worth 1,000 words these 15 memes are the equivalent of 15,000 words. Some of these were created for posts or others were created just because a sick idea crossed my mind.

Before we start please remember to be nice to Democrats, they can’t help themselves:


Trending: Meteorologist who Co-founded the Weather Channel Says “There is No Climate Crisis”

I’m not saying Ms. Clinton is a witch but….


Sometime the answer to Hillary’s email issues is in the classics


Nuff said?:



See the rest of the hilarious memes at the Lid…


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