Hilarious! Restaurant Slammed for Using Photos of Bruce/Caityln Jenner as Restroom Signs

A Texas restaurant owner is being blasted as “transphobic” for using before and after photos of Bruce Jenner, AKA Caitlyn Jenner, for restroom markers. The women’s restroom door dons a photo of Caitlyn and the men’s has a photo of Bruce.

Personally, I think it is hilarious and I laughed for a good few minutes before even beginning to write this article.

Daily News reports:

It began with a Facebook post from Dodie’s Place Cajun Bar & Grill in August, boasting about the “newest members of the Dodie’s crew.” Accompanying the post was a photo of the restroom doors covered with photos of Jenner, pre and post-transition.

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The women’s bathroom featured a photo of Jenner, 68, on the cover of Vanity Fair. The door of the men’s facilities was adorned with a picture of the former athlete at the 1976 Summer Olympics, before she came out as transgender.

Although the photos have been covering the restroom doors at Dodie’s for several months, the controversy didn’t really pick up any steam until Dallas Morning News reporter Dom DiFurio shared a photo of them on Twitter on Oct. 30.

Many people defended the eatery and pointed out that it was obviously a joke.

One Facebook reviewer called Dodie’s “the most authentic, most delicious Cajun food there is in North Texas,” adding that people offended by the bathroom doors should simply not use the restroom.

Others called the photos “hilarious.” One particularly unfazed Twitter user wrote, “No tranny’s were hurt in making these pictures.”

However, the SJW’s are not known to walk away from any molehill they can turn into a mountain.

Here’s a thought, if they don’t like it, then they can eat elsewhere and use the restroom elsewhere! No one can face them to walk into the establishment and spend their money there.

If the left truly looks at Caitlyn Jenner as a women and her prior alias as a man, then what is the problem?

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