Hilarious Montage of Mainstream Media Mocking Trump’s Candidacy [VIDEO]

About 18 months ago, Donald Trump announced his candidacy to become president. Everyone in the media laughed him off as a joke.

Newsbusters compiled this video montage of a bunch of talking heads ridiculing Trump and saying that he’ll never become the nominee, let alone make it to the White House.

And yet, here we are at Inauguration Day, and it’s not Hillary Clinton being sworn in. It’s Donald Trump. Just goes to show that the media – no matter how much they tried to give people their opinions – are not in control of anything.

Here are some choice excerpts (video is below):

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“There are no words. How do you even have a straight face right now? There are no words to describe what just happened…. It was a rambling mess of a speech. That said, it was very entertaining. I was howling.”

“Do you have any doubt that this is anything more than a carnival show?”

“This morning, some Republicans say they’re worried Trump will turn the campaign into a circus.”

“Party leaders worry Trump’s presence will turn the primary into a joke.”

“Hell has frozen over, and now we are stuck in the ice with Donald Trump.”

“Donald Trump’s campaign is a pure vanity exercise and a target ripe for outright mockery or low-level derision.”

“How to take Donald Trump…hmm, well, consider the newspapers this morning – at least the tabloids. The Daily News considers Trump a clown. The New York Post considers Trump a rich guy…who could make it to the White House?”

“Unconventional? Will people who love him love it? Yeah, but will it get him anywhere close to becoming the nominee or the President of the United States? I think not.”

“I think there is a vein for him to tap, and he’s going to get some serious votes. He can’t win, but he can get a lot of votes.”

“While no one expects Trump to get close to winning the nomination, that doesn’t mean they’re happy he’s in.”

“I mean, this is the problem with Donald Trump for Republicans. Of course he’s not going to win. He’ll probably make the main stage. He’ll be one of the top ten vote-getters just because of name recognition and our obsession with stardom. The problem is, he’s going to be a flame-thrower. He has nothing to lose.”

“He says the most provocative things like, ‘when Mexico sends its people, they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists. Some I assume are good people.’ What is your strategy, and how can you succeed when you say things like that?” In response: “If the question is how can you become president, you can’t by saying things like that.”

“Can we stipulate for the purposes of this conversation that Donald Trump will never be President of the United States?”

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