Hilarious! Joe Biden Fans Can’t Name One Biden Accomplishment!

In a scene that is eerily reminiscent of the time that Hillary Clinton supporters were asked to list some of her accomplishments – it seems that Joe Biden fans can’t figure out exactly why they like him.

After pondering for a bit, one woman says, “I support Joe because he’s had, obviously, a lot of experience. I think he had the right answer in Iraq but people didn’t follow. And I think he’s a good person.”

“We want a woman – Elizabeth Warren,” another Biden rally attendee says.

“We like Joe Biden – he’s got a great grin,” one woman says. “And he’s got good working class roots and that’s what America needs,” her companion adds.

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The man then holds up a copy of Rolling Stone with President Obama on the cover.

“I came today to see if he would sign my recent Rolling Stone cover with Barack and, you know, he says, ‘I have Barack’s back,’ you know?”


This video might actually be even more embarrassing (if that’s possible) for Biden than the Clinton video was for her.

Why? Because at least all of the people in the Clinton video supported her… in this video some of Biden’s fans can only laugh when asked if he should be President!

Liberals like to mock the idea of Sarah Palin as VP… but these same people seem fine with Biden as VP?

That just makes no sense…

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