Hilarious: Comedy Central Trolls Celebrity ‘Get Out The Vote’ Ads #ShouldWeVote?

Comedy Central expertly trolls the celebrity ‘get out the vote’ ads and it’s hilarious! This clip is funnier than any show in the current Comedy Central lineup.

I’m proud to be an American who doesn’t need any Hollyweirdos telling me how to vote. I know the difference between right and wrong and they have it all wrong.

Comedy Central is trying to be funny again and poking fun of the Hollywood elites. What’s next, is MTV going to start showing music videos again?

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Too Funny… But, spot on!


It seems that every election year, mid-term or presidential, celebrities are making themselves look important with those “Get Out The Vote” ads where they encourage people to vote in the coming election, lecturing them about civic duty.

Typically, mockery of those celebrity ads has been from grassroots conservatives who are tired of being lectured to by Hollywood elites. Now Comedy Central has stepped in with a parody of their own — the “Should We Vote?” initiative.

The parody video employs the usual tropes seen in those “Get Out The Vote” ads; this time, it’s regular Americans speaking in succession to finish each other’s sentences over a series of cuts. Here, they all pontificate on whether or not they will be able to vote if celebrities like Tom Hanks or Alyssa Milano don’t tell them what they should do.

“All Americans are asking themselves the same questions: How will I know if I should vote if celebrities don’t tell me to?” the actors say in the video. “Does Emma Stone think I should vote? What about John Krasinski?”

“Many normal Americans like us don’t know what we should do until celebrities tell us what to do,” they continue. “Tom Holland, Tom Hardy, Thomas the Tank Engine: Should I vote?”  More


I’m going to make a prediction, that won’t surprise anyone on the Republican side. Regardless of what actually happens this Tuesday, the MSM will proclaim a blue wave. Please share your thoughts below and let us know what you think. 

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