Highly Questionable Candidates

I think being stuck on electing “a first” also assigns us to that “stuck on stupid” category.  It would be a different proposition if our “first” black President even turned in a so-so performance. However, that first is now a record for all to see and the picture is not worthy of framing.

Even so, we still clamor for another “first”, this time a seasoned woman.  And the word “seasoned” is the most politically correct term possible.  Whether it be early in her career, when she got canned from the Nixon investigative committees, or her questionable Travelgate affair, where she fired White House personnel by claiming false charges, this woman is hardly worthy of being our women’s first representative.

However, it is assumed that in order to carry on with Obama’s agenda, a mission which is apparently bent upon destroying our Country, she remains his first choice.  That’s one hell of an endorsement.

On the other hand, there’s a 74 year old communist ideologue who has never worked a day in his life yet he is giving Hillary all she can handle.  Just compare the options; one communist that shouts socialism from the rooftops verses another communist who is the more deceptive and patience revolutionary.

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What is scary, in addition to this socialist/communist take over of one of our two major political engines, is that throngs of young citizens are ga-ga over the more boisterous choice.  Imagine this in a country that supposedly held communist governments in contempt, if only based upon their humanitarian records.

For this socialist demand to be so prominent on the college circuit, it would seem logical to question the quality of education that our children are receiving.  And since the federal government has for too long been the overseer of such, another Congressional investigation seems overdue.

foundersOnce again, this dilemma of candidates and questionable political philosophies can be traced back, as is the usual remedy for many of our modern day challenges, to our Founding Fathers.

Clear insight is provided by Mr. Noah Webster who remarked that, “When a citizen gives his vote to a man of known immorality, he abuses his civic responsibility and he betrays the interest of his country.”

Like it or not, it always returns to “we the people” since freedom is a weighty proposition.  In 1789, John Adams stated, that, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.”

It appears that with these two long ago statements, we find the crux of our impasse.  Likeability doesn’t equate with proven leadership nor does blind or stubborn party loyalty produce rewards.  Neither party can guarantee a home run with every swing.  And the reason is quite basic; human nature.

Attempting to remedy this is as simple as the “practice makes perfect” adage.  In order to assure America of positive leadership and guidance, “we the people” have to work at our decision making.  By that I mean that we must search for the truth of which will not be found within the news information industry of today.

Consider that industry’s fall from grace, or more to the point from it’s former pinnacle of journalistic integrity.  Whether it’s the printed or spoken word, our judgments should be tempered and our curiosities should soar.  For too long, we have been swayed and even lied to, especially during the Presidential campaigns seasons.

At this point, there is too much at stake.  Just ask yourself as to the audacity of a candidate who decries our way of life, our free market system and our capitalistic endeavors.  This may seem bold, even outlandish but it represents the outward signs of an ongoing political revolution.  And it is now premised on the assumption that the numbers will support such an overthrow.  This is most evident at the college level.

Finally, evaluate each upon their merits and accomplishments.  Compare what the media refers to as an un-Presidential “tone” to one who did not answer that middle of the night call from Benghazi.  Judge just how this aging socialist can make good on all that he promises but more importantly, just what merits in life did he produce.  His only claim to fame, prior to living off the government dole, seems to be with writing pornographic tales.

Again, I am reminded of Mr. Webster’s view of voting for an immoral candidate.  With America now hanging in the balance, the cost is not only too high, it’s suicidal!

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