High School Teacher Under Fire From Liberals for Making This Comment About Illegal Immigrants [VIDEO]

You know what’s controversial now?

It’s controversial to say people who break the law should be punished for doing so. It’s controversial to say that teachers would be able to do their jobs better if they had fewer students to teach.

Both of these things are true, and in a vacuum, i’d bet that even most liberals would agree with them. So what’s the problem?

The problem is, apparently, putting these two statement together to create one single train of thought. This is the lesson that one New Mexico public school teacher is currently learning, after she deigned to say that illegal immigrants should be deported to make room in our schools and so teachers can better serve their students.

Back in February the teacher posted on Facebook that her class was much quieter than usual because 1/3 of her students were absent. Why? They were busy skipping school to participate in a “Day without immigrants.” (Which is a misnomer, it should have been called a “Day without Illegal Immigrants,” because the vast majority of Americans have no problem with LEGAL immigrations.) The teacher, who remains anonymous, wrote that “her class was quieter than usual. There weren’t students there to disrupt other students in the ESL class and she called that day a success. The teacher continued on with her post by saying she thinks those violating immigration laws should be deported so the schools could have more room to better serve American citizen students.”

For this common sense commentary the teacher has become the subject of national attention and liberal scorn. Some local parents were disappointed because “It’s really disheartening that a teacher would have such awful things to say about her kids.” 

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Here is some more “awful” commentary; we should all obey just laws. We should teach our children to obey just laws. We should face justice when breaking those laws. We should give our students every opportunity to succeed. We should give teachers every opportunity to help our students succeed.

The very fact that there has been any commotion caused by these comments tells us that something has gone very wrong within our society and people are simply not thinking things through when commenting on issues like ILLEGAL immigration.

It’s ridiculous that a teacher would face discipline for saying such things, but this isn’t the first time it’s happened as the Blaze reminds us:

Other teachers were disciplined after expressing similar views in connection with “A Day Without Immigrants.” A Florida teacher was reprimanded for a post praising mass deportation, and a Washington state teacher was placed on administrative leave after sharing information about how to contact U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to “report illegal aliens.”

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