High School Students Ordered to Remove Name of Jesus Christ from Football Field Advertisement

A Louisiana high school was ordered to erase the name of Jesus Christ from an ad painted onto the football field just ahead of last Friday’s game.

A Louisiana high school was ordered to erase the name of Jesus Christ from an advertisement painted onto the school football field just ahead of last Friday’s game, a report says.

The name of Christ Our Lord appeared in the advertisement of the “Christ Fit Gym” of Bossier City, Louisiana. Along with the name of the gym, the ad also featured a Bible verse. The Christ Fit Gym uses the verse “1 Timothy 4:8” as part of its branding and that verse reference also appeared in its field advertisement. All that formed part of the gym’s advertisement painted onto the field at Benton High School.

But the advertisement apparently upset the anti-Christian administrators at the school. Consequently, a student was ordered to paint over the ad because of its religious content.

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The order was reported on the gym’s Facebook page where a student named Jonathan McPherson told his story:

Today on field crew I was asked to paint over the Christ Fit advertisement on the football field.

You have to stand up for Christ no matter what and me and Travis just told the coaches we wouldn’t do it.

We ended up leaving the field and not helping them cover up the scripture that was put on the field.

No matter what people say, you have to stand up for Christ even if it could get you in trouble with the school, or anyone else. Do not conform to society and what other people want f it isn’t for Christ.

The owner of the gym told Fox News reporter Todd Starnes that they have a contract with the school.

Owner Billy Weatherall tells me he paid the high school football booster club $3,500 to put his logo in the end zone for the 2018-19 football season.

“We have a signed contract,” he told the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

“I got a phone call from a school official Friday morning while I was having my quiet time and drinking coffee,” Weatherall said. “He said they were instructed to paint over the cross and he was devastated about it.”

After he hung up the telephone and talked to his wife, Weatherall knew that he was going to have to take a stand.

“This is something I believe in,” he said. “This is what my faith is all about. This is something I cannot and will not compromise on.”

A judge did side with the gym, but it was too late to stop the destruction of the advertisement.

Naturally, a big reason the school took the action is because the hate-filled Americans United for Separation of Church and State had recently filed a lawsuit claiming that the school was violating the U.S. Constitution.

An attorney for Christ Fit Gym decried the destruction of the contracted advertisement and was outraged by the school’s actions.

“Just let that sink in. They were told to spray paint over the name of Christ,” attorney Ryan Gatti said.

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