High School Says Boy is ‘Intolerant’ for not Wanting to Undress in Front of Girls

This is nothing surprising. This is the sort of thing that conservatives had said would happen. As soon as people could use the locker room and restroom of their choice, based on their ‘preferred’ gender identity, we knew it would cause problems.

Take for instance this high school boy who was in the locker room in his underwear getting dressed when he noticed a girl there also getting dressed. Mind you, this was the boy’s locker room. So why was there a girl in the boy’s locker room?

Because she ‘identified’ as a boy.

Obviously, this made the boy and others uncomfortable. But see, that’s ‘intolerant’ and evidence of deep-seated bigotry according to school officials, who basically told them to get over it and try to make it as ‘natural’ as they can.

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Now, the school is under fire from the boy’s parents who have secured an attorney and filed a lawsuit against them. CBS News reported:

A high school student is suing a Pennsylvania school district after claiming “he was exposed involuntarily” to a transgender student while changing in the school’s locker room.

The Alliance Defending Freedom, a self-described conservative Christian organization that “advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith,” said in a statement that the student and his parents are suingBoyertown Area School District for sexual harassment and violation of his personal privacy.

The group said the school district didn’t give any notice to students or parents that they would allow students to use restrooms or locker rooms of the gender they identify with.

“My client is standing up not only for himself but for others who feel bullied,” said Attorney Randall Wenger, with the Independence Law Center.

The student claims he was standing in his underwear about to put his gym clothes on when he noticed a transgender student in the locker room who was undressing.

That student was a girl at birth based on external anatomy, but identifies as a boy.

“It’s an egregious violation for the school to just brush off these students and tell them that their feelings don’t matter and to make it ‘as natural as they possibly can’,” added Wenger.

The group said “Joel Doe” brought a complaint to school officials and was told he needs to “tolerate” the decision.

Breitbart added that according to the lawsuit, “The plaintiff and several other boys reported their feelings to the school’s assistant principal, but were verbally assaulted by the school official for being ‘intolerant.’ Dr. Foley [the assistant principal] told [the plaintiff] to ‘tolerate’ it and to make it as ‘natural’ as he possibly can.”

They act like the boy who felt uncomfortable needs therapy.

And that the girl who thinks that she’s really a boy deep down is perfectly normal. What a backwards world we live in.


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